Tremont and Environs

Session 2- The Dead Walk!

Chasing the last of the three kobolds across the large chamber, the party shoots it before it can climb back up to the ledge. They still are concerned about how they would attack something on the ledge, so they decide to continue down the tunnel, watching their backs a little more closely.

A good distance down the tunnel they see a lighted room ahead. As they approach, they begin to feel warmth and then solid heat. Entering the room they see there is a large bonfire at the middle of the chamber. They are also hit by an awful stench and notice a large number of decaying bodies are all over the floor here. Ichor drains from the decaying bodies and flows eastward. As the group approached the fire, four of the bodies rose up and moved toward them- undead! Lazarus brandished the “lightning clenched fist” of Heironeous and called on the power of the god. Two of the zombies were immediately struck down. Lazarus then admonished the other two, who then turned and fled to the far corner of the room, where they were easily struck down.

As the party passed the fire and approached the tunnel exiting on to the east, four zombies (kobolds, this time), stepped from the walls of the tunnel and attacked. Lazarus again invoked the power of Heironeous. Two of the zombies fled into that same corner of the room, while the other two fled back down the hallway. The two in the room were quickly dispatched.

Proceeding down the tunnel, the group hears a harsh voice, in orcan, invoke the name of Gruumsh and rebuke the two kobold zombies- telling them to return to the battle. The zombies returned and attacked, while the voice continued to shout threats at someone named M’dok. The two zombies were taken out with relative ease. The party then approached the end of the tunnel and considered options.

The sorceress summoned a celestial owl and sent it into the next chamber to scout. The voice then cried, “this is not the creature of a kobold sorcerer- you must have dealt with M’dok. Show yourself, fool! I welcome your challenge as a test from Gruumsh, my god, and by his will, I will prevail. My vengeance on the human weaklings in the village will be complete!”



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