Tremont and Environs

Session 3- Jakk of the Tornclaw Clan!

The sorceress’ summoned owl reports that the very large chamber has a pillar in the middle from which flows water, forming a pool at its base. The a strong stream flows to the south (towards Duvik’s Pass) and exits the chamber through a crevice at the base of the wall. The tall pillar has a narrow path that spiral up it and there is a single orc near the top. Lazarus casts Magic Weapon on Omin’s greatsword and Protection from Evil on himself, then the party advances into the room.

They see Jakk of the Tornclaw Clan reading from a scroll. As he finishes, he gestures at the owl, which was winging toward him. It shimmers and wavers for a moment, but then shakes it off and continues. The party advance to ranged distance and started shooting, except for Omin, who continued to close for melee. As Omin approached, Jakk cast a spell which caused her to stutter step for a moment, but then she, too, shook off the effect and continued. A few arrows, bolts, magic missiles, owl pecks, resisted spells, and sword strokes later, Jakk lay dead at their feet.

Eldritch symbols carved all around the pillar ceased glowing. Almost immediately, there was a visible effect on the water flowing from the pillar and in the pool. Where it had been murky and very unsavory (or worse), it began to flow clear. The foul smell also started to clear.

Jakk body was looted and the sorceress cast Detect Magic.



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